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New express formula

The Perfect Tan Has Arrived

Introducing New Magic Glove

Introducing the new Magic Glow

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Get Your Magic Glow Self Tanner NOW!

Magic Glow by Piel de Oro Products gives you a natural looking tan in just a few hours.

Pre-Tanning Indications

24 hrs prior to tanning: Get a even tan application shaving and exfoliating at least 24 hrs prior to tanning.

Don't hurry Up! Your tan routine could takes around 15 minutes, so leave yourself enough time for application and development of your tan.

Don't forget the complements: To get the perfect Magic Glow tan, you will need: Magic Glove and Magic Glow self Tanner new Express Formula.

Mirror, Mirror... Tan yourself in front of a mirror with natural or bright lighting. Get a chair or toilet seat to put your legs on during the tan apllication. Make sure no spots are missed.

How to apply:

During Tanning

Ensure that your entire body is covered evenly with Magic Glow Self Tanner.

Check your arms and other body parts in front of the mirror. especially underneath of your arms.

Avoid any tight fitting clothing for a more natural even application.

The longer you leave the self tanner on, the darker the tan.

Gently rinse off excess Magic Glow self tanner in the shower with your hands to ensure that the active tanning ingredient is distributed evenly.

Dry yourself gently - avoid to rubbed off the skin.

After Tanning

To prolong your tan, proceed to use Magic Glow again after 5 days.

Make it part of your daily routine!

Use moisturizer daily.

The perfect tan in my own home. I can't believe it!


Easy to apply, delicious fragrance and proven durability It's wonderful!