5 golden rules to get a natural tan

We know you love to look natural and we know that some self tanners leave you with orange skin, that is why we have created our Magic Glow product, made with natural ingredients based on ginger, lemon and sugar cane.

But not everything depends on the product, it also depends on the care we give to the skin before and after tanning!

Here we leave you the 5 golden rules to obtain a natural tan:

1. Exfoliate your skin before applying the self-tanner, which can be up to the day before.

2. Shake for a few seconds before applying.

3.Use the magic glove to evenly cover all areas of your body.

4.The final shade will depend on the time you let the mousse act on your body (remember 2 hours you will get a light shade, 4 hours you get a medium shade, 6 hours you get a dark shade and more than 8 hours you get an extra dark shade.

 5.Remove the product with plenty of water and always remember to apply moisturizing cream.

 The result is a natural tan, hydrated skin and a coconut-lemon scent that will make you feel you’re vacationing at the beach!

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