Benefits of self-tanning before going to the beach

Self-tanning before hitting the beach will result in obtaining a golden tone as opposed as a ghostly-pale-looking skin.

 Besides, you’ll be able to cover those imperfections and feel confident in that bikini that you love!

Say good-bye to stretch marks and cellulitis!

With our new product, Magic- Glow, you’ll take care of your skin from parabens and at the same time use our all-organic formula DHA based, which comes from sugar cane, meaning you will obtain a NATURAL-looking tan, so natural that even pregnant women are allowed to use our product without any risks what-so-ever. Besides, we asure you’ll get the perfect tone. No orange-looking tan!

 Try it from the confort of your own home, but remember you’ll be able to get a sun tan after 8 hours of applying the product on your skin.


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