How to take care of your artificial tan

If you want to show off an intact tan for a longer period of time, here are a few tricks to make you look radiant:

1. You should have a special diet to help prolong your tan.

Eating more carrots during this period is great for maintaining your tan for a couple more weeks. Red fruits such as strawberries or blackberries contain large amounts of vitamins and antioxidants and are perfect for the skin just like tomatoes.

2. Internal hydration.


The secret is to take care of our organism, and so it needs enough water to be healthy. Drinking enough water will provide the skin elasticity and a healthier look.  

3. Practice any sport on a regular basis.

Practicing a sport or walking daily will help you keep your skin glowing. This is because it activates the circulation and oxygenates us.

4. Take plenty of vitamin C.

To make your tan last longer, do not forget to take vitamin C to enhance collagen. The skin will be more radiant, firm and you will avoid damage of solar radiation.

Follow these tips and we guarantee you can make your tan last much more time!

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